Isn't the Lord Good?

Kingdom Work

Greetings From Uganda. Thank you for all the Kingdom work that you do.  We yesterday had another wonderful time of ministry in three sections of Prison: Upper, Remand Prison, and Condemned. We went six people and divided ourselves.  We saw the Lord at work– in total, 34 souls came to the Lord. June 29, 2008- John Mugabi

I thank God for this great time he gave me with these very hard guys.  For sure one of them wanted to beat me– he was very annoyed when I said that they had to forgive their accusers. He said ” What do you mean forgive them?? Do you know how many years I have spent here?? For nothing Pastor…”  At this point we all shed tears.

I am very thankful that 3 of these guys admitted their sins and asked for forgiveness…I wish i could write everything but I can’t.  Good-day June 26, 2008- John Mugabi

The school bus!

Isn’t the Lord good?

Students in the lorry

Unloading at school

Our beloved,

I am very happy to inform you that by God’s grace we have been able to barter or exchange our Van and pick-up truck for a lorry. This has been our prayer since last term…

Due to increased numbers of students we pick everyday from the main road, it had become practically impossible for us to do it with the van. We have had many problems in bringing food, firewood, building materials, and sometimes taking kids on study trips.  We are proud that this lorry will serve us until we acquire a bus.

John Mugabi by the lorry

John Mugabi by the lorry

Sometime back I shared with you about the need to have a tent for ministry.  I am happy to let you know that this lorry has a cover.  7 of us can sleep on it very well.  The other advantage is that we shall start to look for beans and maize ourselves in the villages.  That way we shall avoid high prices in the city markets.

Isn’t the Lord good?

I am now put to task to use public transportation until we get another wheelbarrow (pick-up truck) whenever… God knows.

Have a nice time.
Brother John

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