Grandmum beaten by the rain

Grandmum- an elderly widow in Nkumba has no roof on her home to protect her from the rain.

Grandmum- an elderly widow in Nkumba has no roof on her home to protect her from the rain.

We are rejoicing at the way the Lord has provided for this “grandmum”.   John wrote us the following e-mail a few days ago:

There is a widow who has no relative at all.  She is on our food programme, but she requested me to buy her iron sheets (for roofing). She is beaten by rain, and her life is in danger.  If there could be help, I could rebuild her house.

Her house needs a lot of repair which could cost $ 1000. It would include,
1)Buying 17 iron sheets, 2)timber, 3)Cement 18 bags, 4) two trips of sand,  5) one door and two windows and 6) building a toilet for her–right now she uses the bushes.

You may recall, one of the ministry supporters held a garage sale (Acts 2:45), and donated the proceeds of the sale to GTN.  The amount? $1000.  Grandmum will now have a roof, windows, a door & a toilet!  Thank you for partnering with John Mugabi as he evangelizes his community.  We are helping him show the love of Christ in tangible ways.

Two children sleeping per bed…& other changes required by the Ministry of Education

Dear all our praying Friends,

Praise the Lord From Whom All Blessings Flow!!  Today I met with the District Education Officer concerning the matters of our Schools and he only said that,  “with the exception of the Nkumba Christian Schools, all the other schools are given only this term (from now to August) to fix their Schools or else they should not open next term(sep toDec)”

We have been allowed to operate up to Dec 31st. By this time we should have done the following:

1.Build a dining hall–When the Ministry of Education arrived, it was pouring rain, and the children were sitting outside eating their lunch.  This structure will be half walls with poles & a tin roof.  It will serve other purposes as well, so it will be well-used throughout the day.  $15,000

2.Put a fence on our Schools for security purposes.  $8,000

3.Buy fire equipment for 8 rooms(dormitories for the boarding sections) $1,600

4.Buy enough beds so that students do not share. (22 pair of tripple deckers @ 137) $3,014

5.Put in place enough security light and a new electrification of the primary section.  (Lightning struck a couple of weeks ago, and parts of their school grounds actually caught fire.  All of the electrical system was burnt.  Right now they have it jerry-rigged…but need to fix it properly. $5,000

I am so glad that our Schools, regardless of the problems we have, are now looked at as model Christian Schools.

More good stuff from Jesus & Randy Alcorn
2 Corinthians 8:14  At the present time, your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need.  Then there will be equality.

God has richly blessed us financially not so that we can show ourselves to be his children by living above the standards of others, but so that we can show ourselves to be his children by coming down a few rungs on the ladder of affluence and bringing others up a few rungs, that there might true, from-the-heart equality.  Randy Alcorn, Money Possessions & Eternity– pg. 85

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